Pens and Writing

Hi! I’m James Huffaker.  Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

I am a retired engineering technician and now have time for the things that motivate me. Designing, Writing, creating, and neat toys. Now there is a metal/wood lathe, 3D printer and 40 watt laser cutter in with all the other shop tools.

It is my pleasure to make exquisite pens for people who will appreciate them.

Attractive Pen and Pencil Set
A set that generally sells for $34 with box and shipping included.
All of the regular ball point pens take Cross refills.

I make pens and occasionally matching tops. Everyone loves a top.

It is interesting to see what forms I can implement to change the operation of the top.

If you enjoy science fiction, and don’t need the bad language and graphic gender interaction; I have written two science fiction books. Suitable for any reader between 11 and 99. My oldest reader so far is 76 and loved the book. He had me get him a signed copy. The very first requested autograph, I felt really good about that.

The books can be found on Amazon, in hard copy and Kindle format. They are titled “An Amazing Probably Mostly True Story” and Book 2 of the same title.

Working with the laser cutter/engraver is a present challenge. I purchased a K-40 clone from someone called Mophorn in China.  I had to completely rebuild it in order to make it accurate and useful. Their customer service has been less than excellent. Never heard back after I explained the problems.

I did buy the Cohesion 3D board for the engraver, made a world of difference and running LightBurn software which is a real pleasure. Really beats all the halfway efforts for the small mid-range lasers.

Married to a wonderful woman, we live in San Diego and trying to get used to the weather. Terrible down here. Why just this last winter, we actually had a deck chair blown over by the high winds.  I called FEMA and they were all about flying in a trailer for us but we would have had to move the fifth wheel to set it, so we decided to do without.

Have a new great life since retiring, raising our now 15 year old grand daughter Taylor who is in 10th grade. We are having a great time meeting her friends and taking her to plays at Moonlight Theater in Vista, and all the activities there are to do here in San Diego. Covid has put a stop to most things, but given me lots of time in the shop.

It would be a fine thing if you decided to get a pen made for you, not one mass produced and sold on the mass consumption channels. It would be one of a kind.

My contact information is here:

Our favorite Mexican Restaurant for many years Nati’s of Ocean Beach was sold and closed, so we have had to make do, we found a new favorite with the popular Casa Guadalajara in OldTown. It isn’t quite the same, but most of the food is quite good. Less mainstream but better is Ponce’s on Adams Avenue.

Family home 20 years ago

I have been busy writing, and now have many things posted on my personal address there is so stop by, read some interesting stuff and give me lots of claps.