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Wood is special, it has a personality. Without which it would just be another piece of cheap plastic. The goal is to bring out the best character in the wood. Since almost everything I do is custom, every order gets the best possible care.

If you find a defect that is mine, I will gladly replace your pen. If it is the character of the wood, perhaps I could help you pick a wood better suited to your tastes.


  • Many Acrylics Available
  • *Premium woods are slightly higher in price


Blackwood Executive Pen
African Blackwood in Executive Style, $39 with free shipping

One of the most popular pens is the Executive in 24k gold plate. It is also available in chrome, black titanium, gun metal and satin gold finishes.

variations in slim pen
Variation of customization shown in two pens, PurpleHeart and Walnut.
These would be $25 each with free shipping.

The SlimLine pens are attractive lower cost pens that fit someone with smaller hands. They are available in any wood and many finishes. Gun metal is not available in the SlimLine. 

Pen and Pencil sets are available in many pen styles. This is a favorite with many people for gifts. Pen and Pencil in the slimline style is $37 delivered.

Attractive Pen and Pencil Set
A set that generally sells for $37 with box and shipping included.

A fine writing instrument is a personal item that you hold, touch and use. Great effort goes into making certain your pen is made well and will last. All of the pens take standard refills.

Executive Pen Pencil Set
Walnut Executive Pen and Pencil set is on sale for $67 before Christmas

On the collector side, I make fancy rollerball and fountain pens where the buyer picks out the wood or acrylic from photos. These custom pens are delightful, there is nothing quite as pleasurable as signing an important document, or even a small purchase, with a pen that feels like it came off of Napoleon’s desk.

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Some pen photos of recent work:

PurpleHeart on Executive in  Chrome
  • The Executive style is $39.00 in most woods, premium woods may be from $45 to $90
  • Similar pens sell for about $90

African Blackwood

Aftican BlackWood polishes very well

The Blackwood pen in Executive is $39.00, the Slimline shown is $29.00

Custom Acrylic

The Custom Acrylic pens range from $30 to $99 and up since every one is custom, we have to discuss the pen before it can be made.

Gatsby Pen Style in a Blue/White Swirl $Prices begin at $60 depending on selection of woods, acrylics and other details.

SlimLine Pens, start at $23.00

Wenge (shown) exhibits lots of grain, with 24k fittings

Premium woods are slightly higher. Not every wood or acrylic lends itself to the very thin pen style. My personal favorite is African Blackwood. It shows more grain than Ebony and has a warm feel.

Executive Style in Dark Wood and 24k gold is available. Shown is the Executive in Chrome and blackwood.

Blackwood Executive Pen
African Blackwood in Executive Style, $39 with free shipping

is very popular, wood may be Walnut, Wenge, or even Walnut Crotch-wood for a premium.

This would be an extra premium set in Rosewood or Buckeye Burl  a set, boxed and shipped would be $75.00 I have seen sets such as this for $200

$67.00 a set in Walnut, Gift Boxes add $2.00

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-Alaskan Cedar

          Buckeye Burl –

Buckeye Burl Pen
This Buckeye Burl, satin pen, sells for $39 with free shipping to 48 states.
  • Olive Wood



Welcome to the Pen Blog

We recently moved servers and it gave me an opportunity to recreate the blog and content. I have always enjoyed the feel of a quality pen. Some of my favorite were the Mont Blanc and Pelican fountain pens.

Buckeye Burl Pen
This Buckeye Burl, satin pen, sells for $27 with free shipping to 48 states.

Now that I am retired, I have found time for several of my creative passions. Pen Making, writing and making things are among them.

This is a nice acrylic pen, I make these for people who will appreciate them.

It is just one of many styles I can create. Every pen is different. Walnut and cherry are two favorite woods for pens, they have such a nice feel. Others like the acrylic and the simulated stone or marble pens. Fountain pens and rollerball styles are available.

Slim Walnut Pen With Gold Fittings
A slim walnut pen with gold fittings, only $17 with shipping included

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Book 1 by James Huffaker
This book has basis in events of the time and real people.